Troop Fundraiser: Apple Harvest Festival – 10/7/2023

Notional Apple Harvest Festival logo

Scouts and Adults are to arrive at 7:30AM at the Apple Harvest Festival.  Travel time from Hanover to the Festival is about 1 hour including parking if you arrive at 7:30AM.  Bring your entrance tickets.

Best Parking for the 7:30 morning shift is Eicholtz field where you can simply walk from you vehicle to the fairgrounds.  Use the link below for driving directions. I recommend that you use the following directions:

Driving Directions to Eicholtz Field Parking:

Click here for Google Directions to Eicholtz Field Parking Location
  1. Take Route 116 west to Gettysburg
  2. then take Mummasburg Road north from Gettysburg to Arendtsville.
  3. From Arendtsville take N. High Street (also known as Rt 234) west. It turns into Narrows Road.
  4. Follow Narrows Road for about 1.1 miles. Traffic normally backs up as you approach the bridge just before the South Mountain Fairgrounds.
  5. Turn left before the bridge onto Bridgeport Road
  6. Go 100 yards and turn right into Eicholtz Field parking.

From the parking area, follow the crowd through the woods and across the stream bridge.

Map of the Festival:

As you cross the bridge you will be directed to the “Upper Gate”  The Apple Daiquiri stand is located at the intersection of Cider Press Alley and Winesap Ave.


Links below take you right to the position’s video instructions:

  1. Front Order Taker/Money Handler
  2. Front Order Taker/Money Handler
  3. Keeping Crab Cakes cool in the cooler until ready to heat up.
  4. Crab Cake Warmer/Server
  5. Crab Soup Warmer/Server
  6. Hot Apple Toddie Drink Server: Hot Totties and Cold Water Station
  7. Frozen Apple Daiquiri Ice Blender
  8. Apple Slicer/Sword Stabber (Apple Daiquiri Garnisher and Server)
  9. Special Recipe Chef Mixer and Stove Manager
  10. Supply person to replenish supplies/provide breaks as needed: Trailer Storage
  11. Extra person to stand out front, draw crowds, etc.