Scouts view the International Space Station — 4/9/2019

Scouts from Troop 103 watch the International Space Station streak across the sky at over 17,100 miles per hour on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 8:08PM.  The space station became visible at 41 degrees above the horizon looking west and crossed the sky in just 4 minutes until it disappeared to the east.    The space station orbits the earth every 92 minutes at an altitude of  about 250 miles above the earth.   

Around the time that we were watching, the Expedition 59 crew continued more brain and breath research aboard the International Space Station today. Along with a variety of other life science activities, the crew also filmed a virtual reality experience inside the station.

The next sighting is April 26 at 5:41AM for 3 minutes appearing 10° above S and disappearing 16° above the ESE.