Scout of the Year

Scout of the Year Certificate

Recipients of the Scout of the Year Award

1985 – David E. Sanders
1986 – Steven M. Brown
1987 – Steven M. Brown
1988 – Steven M. Brown
1989 – Andrew B. Lawrence
1990 – Mark T. Brown
1991 – Mark T. Brown
1992 – Mark T. Brown
1993 – Alex W. Prior
1994 – Justin R. Koval
1995 – Brian C. Cessna
1996 – Michael J. Renoll
1997 – Michael P. Monaghan
1998 – Adam M. Slusser
1999 – Adam M. Slusser
2000 – Philip L. Slusser
2001 – Philip L. Slusser
2002 – Mark A. Slusser
2003 – Gregory H. Stevens
2004 – Lucas J. Slusser
2005 – John A. Mulder
2006 – Gregory H. Stevens
2007 – Gabriel Rosenbrien
2008 – Jacob C. Grove
2009 – Mark W. Evich
2010 – Mark W. Evich
2011 – Jonathan Timmons
2012 – Justin Henninger
2013 – Thomas Seymour
2014 – Justin Henninger
2015 – Brody Goulden
2016 – Justin Henninger
2017 – Matthew Nawn
2018 – Andrew Wetzel
2019 – AJ Dubs
2020 – Jackson Corbin and AJ Dubs (Co-winners)
2021 – AJ Dubs
2022 – Boden Allen Maus (Scout of the Year); Arik Wetzel (Rookie of the Year)

The Selection Process


After the last event for the year has been completed, a member of the Troop Committee will tally the points for each Scout. This data is gathered from two sources.

1) Records for dues, attendance and wearing of uniform are provided by the Troop Treasurer and Scribe.

2) The Troop Master application software is used to provide data for the remaining requirements.

A Troop Committee member will tally the points for all Scouts. The names of the top five Scouts are then presented to a three or more member sub-committee of the Troop Committee. The sub-committee will then decide which Scout of the top five best exemplifies true Scout-like Character and is worthy to be called the Scout of the Year for Troop 103.

Following evaluation by the sub-committee, a gold (1st) medal is awared to the top scout who best exemplify Scout-like Character.

The points awarded each activity are as follows:

Troop meeting attendance
Wearing uniform at Troop meetings
Timely payment of dues
Participation in Troop activities
Participation in District activities
Participation in Council activities
Participation in National activities
Earning a Merit Badge
Achieving Rank Advancement
Earning a Religious Emblem
Uniform Inspection
10 points per meeting
10 points per meeting
10 points per month
75 points per activity
150 points per activity
200 points per activity
250 points per activity
25 points per Badge
100 points per Rank
100 points per emblem
100 max points per year