Peter B. Slusser, Jr. Outstanding Service 1996-2008

Pete Slusser was honored by the Troop for his 12 plus years of outstanding service as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Quartermaster.  His 12 year period of service goes beyond his dedication to the Troop and does not account for the many years he also served the Cub Pack.  On behalf of the Troop, the recognition plaque was presented to Pete by Jeff Rosenzweig and Andy Groft, two Scoutmasters he has assisted over his long period of service.

Jeff Rosenzweig recognized Pete for his impeccable care of the Troop equipment during his role as Quartermaster.   That care resulted in the longevity of equipment throughout the years.  Andy Groft stated that although many volunteers have contributed to the troop over the years, very few come along like Pete who have demonstrated such dedication of service.  He has been described by some as the salt of the Troop in an effort to illustrate his character, goodness and importance to the Troop and community.

Pete was commended for giving the Troop continuity and setting the environment for a smooth transition from one Scoutmaster to another a few years ago.

Scouts have recently given Mr. Slusser the endearing name of “Papa Pete”.  On behalf of the scouts, the Senior Patrol Leader thanked Mr. Slusser and other leaders for all of the work that goes on behind the scenes and all of the time dedicated to the Troop.

The recognition is not an indication that Pete is leaving the Troop.  We all hope that his incredible dedication continues for many more years.  The Scouts, Parents and Guests ended the acknowledgement of his dedication and service with a truly deserved standing ovation.   The Troop could not have been more blessed than to have someone on the front line and who has demonstrated selfless service over so many years.

Thanks Pete


Jeff, Andy and Pete Slusser