In the Shadows on 1864 Fall Camporee – 9/23/2022

Battlefield District 2022 In the Shadows of 1864 Caamporee Patch

The Fall Camporee this year has a Civil War theme titled “In the Shadows of 1864”.  In preparation of the event, scouts created their own civil war era muskets.

Scouts camped out at the Schroeder Family Farm.

Background to the Event

War – Civil War – has shaken up the countryside in Gettysburg! Over 3 long days in July, countless Union soldiers were lost in a hard-fought and bittersweet victory over the Southern Johnny Rebs. After attending President Lincoln’s stirring Gettysburg Address, you have decided to join your local regiment of the Union army to help put an end to this war. Your local regiment is the PA 150th and they will be hosting an enlistment weekend at the end of September 1864.

The Battlefield and Heritage Trails Districts will be hosting a camporee themed around enlisting in the Union Army in 1864. Scouts BSA Troops, and others are invited to attend a weekend-long camporee whose program will put them through the basic drill instruction and firearm handling, in addition to many other contemporary activities. As part of this submergence into the experience, we are also asking all scouts to have a mock Springfield Rifle. Plans and pictures can be found below. Rifles must be hand-made at this point using the plans provided below. We recommend the 5-foot plan for the Scouts BSA Troops attending, and the 3-foot plan for the Cub Scout Packs attending.

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