Troop 103 Eagle Rank Recipients

The Eagle Award

to see photos of the mounting and dedication of the plaque at the St. Joseph Middle School
A scout who achieves the rank of Eagle Scout has mastered requirements in the area of leadership, service and outdoor skills. Eagle Scout is a rare achievement at the national level where between 2 to 4 percent of all Boy Scouts achieve this rank. At Troop 103 the success rate of scouts achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is ten times greater than the national average. This is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of the Troop leadership to the scouting program and the opportunities available to the scouts.
The BSA Eagle Scout Sheet

National Eagle Scout Association

Founded in 1972, the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) maintains contact with Eagle Scouts to sustain their interest in Scouting. Any Eagle Scout may join the association. Applications for membership in NESA are available through your local council, on the BSA Web page (, or by contacting the Eagle Scout Service at the national office.

Eagles of Troop 103

1Francis W. Miller1932
2John J. Mohr1940
3John T. Murphy1941
4James A. Strazzella9/24/1956
5David A. Sterner12/27/1961
6John R. Gobel12/28/1961
7Stephen D. Laughman5/7/1963
8Stephen J. Keefer1/12/1968
9Robert M. Crook10/31/1968
10Terry J. Marchio2/17/1969
11Wayne D. Meckley3/9/1970
12Andrew E. Keefer3/9/1970
13Thomas E. Brenner1/18/1971
14Eugene M. Huff1/18/1971
15James Reagan12/9/1971
16Kenneth E. Zinn2/14/1972
17Andrew L. Hoke12/11/1972
18Andrew L. Topper11/25/1974
19John B. Zinn11/25/1974
20David A. Osisek6/18/1975
21David L. Zinn9/30/1975
22Gerald J. Huff3/31/1976
23Daniel E. Crouse6/19/1976
24Stephen A. Osisek6/19/1976
25Blaine C. Brown9/26/1978
26James M. Huff1/10/1979
27Robert L. Zinn6/6/1979
28John A. Hoke8/12/1980
29Neil D. Brown9/26/1981
30Jeffrey J. Huff2/8/1984
31Michael P. McCullough4/2/1986
32Andrew P. Arigo10/19/1988
33Steven M. Brown11/7/1989
34Duane E. Brooks12/18/1990
35Jon L. Groft10/17/1991
36Andrew B. Lawrence10/17/1991
37Mark T. Brown9/21/1993
38Joshua A. Boyer11/15/1994
39Andrew R. Sabaka3/21/1995
40Jason W. J. Waltz3/28/1995
41Justin R. Koval1/28/1997
42Matthew J. Borkowski4/8/1997
43Andrew J. Miller4/24/1997
44Darren A. Smith9/21/1997
45Alex W. Prior8/8/1998
46Paul R. Arigo8/8/1998
47Jared T. Aumen1/16/1999
48Joshua R. Groft4/2/1999
49Dwain M. Smith Jr.4/21/1999
50Michael P. Monaghan11/18/1999
51Joseph L. Pultro2/17/2000
52Adam M. Slusser1/3/2001
53Michael J. Renoll1/13/2001
54Victor J. Konsavage6/18/2002
55Jonathan D. Groft4/8/2003
56Christopher T. Renoll6/24/2003
57Philip L. Slusser6/24/2003
58Curtis D. Billig9/20/2005
59Cameron A. Dell9/20/2005
60Erik A. Smith3/21/2006
61Ethan A. Koval5/16/2006
62Mark A. Slusser10/17/2006
63John A. Mulder10/17/2006
64Greg H. Stevens2/20/2007
65Zachary A. Wentz2/19/2008
66Aaron E. Smith2/19/2008
67Nathaniel O. Smith6/17/2008
68Anthony P. Eltz9/23/2008
69Richard E. Heistand *2/18/2009
70Lucas J. Slusser8/18/2009
71Cortlin A. Dell12/15/2009
72Erick C. von Sas1/19/2010
73Gabriel J. Rosenbrien6/15/2010
74Alan C. Boyle7/20/2010
75Joseph P. Cirabisi8/17/2010
76Ethan C. Grove5/10/2011
77Cullen B. Rosenbrien5/21/2013
78David B. Zinn9/17/2013
79Jacob C. Grove2/18/2014
80Mark W. Evich2/18/2014
81Clint A. Wright5/20/2014
82Jonathan M. Timmons5/17/2016
83Nicholas A. Evich9/20/2016
84Thomas Seymour11/14/2017
85Justin T. Henninger8/21/2018
86Brody E. Goulden12/18/2018
87Matthew E. Nawn2/16/2021
88Andrew M. Wetzel6/15/2021
89R.J. Gunnarsson6/20/2023
90Jackson Corbin9/19/2023



* Awarded by the Battlefield District while registered with Troop 103

Eagle award Ribbon or emblem

Other Famous Eagle Scouts


  • Rex Tillerson
    Secretary of State
  • William C. DeVries, M.D.Surgeon and EducatorTransplanted first artificial heart
  • Thomas Foley Former Speaker of the House and Former United States Congressman, Washington
  • The Honorable Gerald R. Ford 38th President of the United States
  • Neil ArmstrongFirst Man to set foot on the moon
  • James A. Lovell Jr.Apollo Astronaut and Business ExecutiveMr. Lowell continues to be active in scouting as the Chairman of the Nation Eagle Scouts Association
  • Steven SpielbergFilm Director and Producer
  • Mike Rowe – American television host
  • Henry Fonda – Actor


Scout of the Year Program


Click here for information about the Scout of the Year Program and the recipients of this distinguished award presented by Troop 103.