Clint Wright’s Eagle Project – September 7-8, 2013


To the Scouts and families of Troop 103

I am currently working on my Eagle project, which is at Codorus State Park on the Mary Ann Furnace Trail. My project will consist of the clearing of overgrowth, resigning and marking of the trail, installing benches, prevention of erosion, and installing a wooden routered map of the trail.

I’d greatly appreciate if you and your families would be willing to assist me in working on my project.

If any of you have experience in skilled labor that includes wood working and trail work I could use their help.

Dates and Time:

  • Saturday, September 7th at 8am to 2 pm
  • and Sunday, September 8 9-12:00pm.
  • Additional future work dates are listed below.


Meet at Codorus State Park Office on Smith Station Road.  Kara Wright will provide shuttle service every 2 hours to the Black Rock Road parking area since limited parking is available there.

What to Bring:

  • On these first days wear work gloves and mosquito repellent.
  • Please bring shovels, rakes, manual trimmers and pruners.
  • Bring a completed permission slip.  Click on link.

If you would be willing to assist me in my project in anyway I would be greatly appreciative.

Thank you for your time and help.


           Clint Wright

Work Dates:

  • Sept. 7th 8am-2pm
  • Sept. 8th   9am-noon
  • Sept. 14th 8am-2pm
  • Sept. 15th 9am-Noon
  • Sept. 21st 8am-2pm
  • Sept. 22nd 9am-noon
  • Oct.   6   TBD
  • Oct. 13th TBD