2022 Scout of the Year – Boden Maus

Boden Maus: 2022 Scout-of-the-Year Recipient with Scoutmaster

The Top Honor and First Place for the Scout of the Year

On January 10, 2023, Boden Maus was awarded the top honor of the Troop’s Scout of the Year.

Each year we recognize the top Scout in our Troop. The Scouts earn points throughout the year for participation in various activities. With an emphasis on “Character Counts” by the National Office, this other element is used to determine the Scout of the Year.

Here are some of Boden’s accomplishments in 2022.

  • Attended the most Troop Meetings.
  • Consistently wears the appropriate uniform at meetings and required activities
  • Participated in 23 Troop activities.
    • 7 Overnight Camping activities
      • This includes 18 nights of camping
      • Includes a week-long Summer Camp at Camp Rodney Scout Reservation
    • 5 Day events including hiking, biking, and bowling
    • 3 public relations and religious events.
    • 8 or more Troop service activities.
  • Earned 8 merit badges, the most of any scout this year.
  • Achieved 1 Rank Advancement.
  • Received a Religious Award for God and Country

I am proud to announce that Boden Maus is the 2022 winner and gold medalist of Troop 103’s Scout of the Year Award.

Boden Maus: 2022 Scout-of-the-Year with parents

Boden Maus: 2022 Scout-of-the-Year with his proud parents Dave and Crystal Maus