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Troop 103 Wins the District’s Dr. Joseph H. Riley Award — 3/22/2018


Troop 103 Wins the District’s Dr. Joseph H. Riley Award

     Dr. Joseph H. Riley’s interest in Scouting began during the 1920s when he joined the Scouting program of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Hanover and later Troop 3 (now Troop 103, Battlefield District).  In 1931, he became a member of Troop 78, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Gettysburg.  He was a role model for the youth and adults of Troop 78 and the Scouting community at large as he served as Chartered Partner Representative (now titled Charter Organizational Representative) for the Scouting units of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, as well as served concurrently on the former Black Walnut District Committee in numerous responsible positions: Health and Safety Committee and the District Awards Committee.  Dr. Riley was involved in Scouting for over 75 years.

     In November of 1991, the former Black Walnut District established an award for Scouting excellence in honor of Dr. Riley’s long and dedicated service to Scouting and the youth of the Gettysburg area.  The Dr. Joseph H. Riley Award is presented annually at the district recognition dinner to the Scout Troop or Venturing Crew determined to be truly outstanding by the district awards committee.

     In order to be eligible for consideration for the Dr. Joseph H. Riley Award, units must first qualify as a Silver or Gold Unit in the Journey to Excellence and submit an application request of consideration.  Additional items reviewed by the awards committee include but are not limited to: information about the unit; year-round program opportunities offered; community service; participation in council/district activities; number of registered; trained leaders; and number of youth.  These are only examples of activities that may be used. The committee will be looking for how well or how much the person works in the unit, helpfulness, the unsung hero (goes above and beyond), number of years of experience, and all outstanding service within the unit and community (may include district and council, but not necessary).

The Troop’s Highlights Included: 

Troop/Crew Status:

     Number of registered Scouts:      17     (Charter of Dec 2016)
Number of new registered Scouts:       9          (September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017)
Number of registered Adult leaders:     19    (Charter of Dec 2016))  
Number of new registered Adult leaders:      0       (September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017)
Number of Patrols (Troop):      3        
Meetings held this year (September 1 to August 31)    Unit:    33    Patrol:     33      PLC:    12  
Number of Boy Scouts serving as Den Chiefs:      0   
Number of Webelos crossed over into the Troop:      3      

Number of Total Advancements this Year (September 1 to August 31)
 Troop:                                                                                                Crew:
 Tenderfoot:                                       Life:                                         Bronze Award:                 
 2nd Class:       1                                 Eagle:     1                               Silver Award:                 
 1st Class:     1                                    Palms:   Bronze:                      Gold Award:                 
 Star:                                                                  Silver:                       Ranger:                  
                                                                           Gold:                        Other (Trust, Quest, etc.):                 

Note:  14 scouts earned a total of 58 merit badges during the period.

Attended a BSA summer camp:    X     yes              no  Where: Rodney Scout Reservation, Maryland
Number attended:      7 scouts and 3 adults     

Also Attended Sea Base:   6 Scouts from Troop 103 and 1 from another Troop.  4 Adults

Also Attended Philmont: 2 Scouts from our Troop

Qualified as a Silver or Gold Level Unit in the Journey to Excellence:                silver      X      gold

            NOTE: Troop 103 has earned GOLD status for three consecutive years

Chartered Organization Representative (COR)
  a. How many times in a year does your COR contact the Unit?         2        
  b. How many times in a year does the Unit contact the COR?     12+     

  1. Is the charter presented to the Chartering Organization?      Yes        


Unit Commissioner (UC)
  a. How many times in a year does your UC contact the Unit?      Ongoing (as UC is member of Unit)
  b. How many times in a year does the Unit contact the UC?     Ongoing (as UC is member of Unit)                               

Unit Leaders

Position Name Trained in both Youth Protection and Position Specific


Executive Officer (Sponsor) Richard Arigo N/A
Committee Member Richard Crouse Yes
Committee Member Maureen Evich Yes
Unit Scouter Reserve James Goulden Yes
Committee Member/ Unit Com John Helfrick Yes
Assist Scoutmaster Alina Henninger Yes
Committee Member Earl Hertz Yes
Committee Member Eugene Huff Yes
Committee Member William Klein Yes
Charter Org. Representative Andrew Lawrence Yes
Assist Scoutmaster Stephanie O’Brien Yes
Assist Scoutmaster Paul Race Yes
Scoutmaster Jeffrey Rosenzweig Yes
Committee Member Francis Sanders Yes
Committee Member Paul Seymour Yes
Assist Scoutmaster Peter Slusser Yes
Committee Member David Smith Yes
Committee Member John Zinn Yes
Committee Member(Cub Pack Chair) Kenneth Zinn Yes
Committee Chairman Robert Zinn Yes


Unit activities for the year:

  1. Community Service:
    Troop 103 scouts assisted in the following activities and events during the period of September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017:
  • provided cleanup services at the local parish’s fall Yard Sale events (Sep 16)
  • provided the “haunting” at the Cub Pack 103’s Annual Haunted Trail event (Oct 16)       
  • provided clean-up services with the local parish’s annual Christmas Bazaar (Nov 16)
  • provided logistical support (set-up)of local parish’s annual Christmas overflow mass (Dec 16)
  • assisted the Holy Name Society with the process of announcing an upcoming event (Mar 17)
  • conducted preparation oversight to annual Easter mass overflow environment (Apr 17)
  • provided service support during the Hanover Historical Society’s monthly Summer Lawn Concert Series at the Warehime-Myers Mansion serving ice cream to the public(May-Sep 17).
  • assisted local school with moving furniture to new location (Jun 17)
  • engaged in a 20-hour environmental improvement project during the week of Summer Camp at Rodney Scout Reservation (Jul 17)





  1. District and Council (Camporall, Klondike, Popcorn Sales, Friends of Scouting, etc.):
  • Council Popcorn Sale (Sep-Nov 16)
  • Participated in the Council Winter Klondike Camporee @ Tuckahoe (Feb 17)
  • District Friends of Scouting presentation during Winter Court of Honor evening (Feb 17)
  • Full contingent of scouts and adults to fill boat at week-long Florida’s Seabase Program (Jun 17)
  • Out-of- Council week-long summer camp @ DEL-MAR-VA’s Rodney Scout Reservation (Jul 17)
  • One scout participated in a day-trip visiting the National Jamboree (Jul 17)
  • Committee members participated in monthly District Roundtable meetings (year-round)
  1. Unit (Campouts, Field Trips, Fundraisers, etc.):
  • Weekend camping south of Gettysburg and visiting the WWII Living History event (Sep 16)
  • Camping at Pinchot State Park and visiting the Indian Echo Caverns (Oct 16)
  • Annual Planning Weekend Campout south of Gettysburg and included ghost tour & 5-mile hike (Nov 16)
  • Conducted various (monthly) sub sales during the months of January to June 2017
  • Evening Bowling Activity (Jan 17)
  • Weekend Camping including SkyZone Activity, Cooking, and Hiking Appalachian Trail (Mar 17)
  • Annual Flower Sale Fundraiser (Apr 17)
  • Participated in a day trip to local gun range for training in proper handling and use of firearms by council certified instructor (Apr 17)
  • Weekend camping of fishing and hiking (May 17)


  1. Other Unit Activities:
  • 5 adult leaders participated in a two-day training on Wilderness Skills and First Aid certification
  • Participated in the Hanover Memorial Day Parade (May 17)
  • Conducted four formal Court-Of-Honor ceremonies to recognize scout achievement and advancement
  • Began planning for 100th Anniversary Celebration in June 2018 (Jun 17)



Please visit the Troop website at http://www.bsatroop103.org/  to learn more about our program and witness the excitement enjoyed by our youth members in our gallery.