Troop 103 – Recipients of Religious Emblems for both the Cub Pack and Troop

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Light of Christ Emblem

The purpose is to help the Cub Scout develop a personal relationship with Jesus. With the parents’ active assistance and participation in this program, it is hoped that the Cub will come to see Jesus as a real person and his friend.

Program Objectives
  • To support the role of the parents as the primary catechists of their children.
  • To have the Scout identify Jesus as a real person and as his friend.
  • To foster early family religious involvement.
  • To be a stepping stone toward Parvuli Dei and the other religious emblems, when the parents are involved.
  • To serve as a catalyst to draw the parents into a deeper involvement with the church, through the child.

Registered 6 and 7 year old (Tiger or Wolf) Cub Scout of Catholic Faith.

1994 Luke Bohrer
1994 Nick Eltz
1994 Matt Essick
1994 Ryan Gilbert
1994 Victor Konsavage
1994 Michael Kruger
1994 Joseph Miller
1994 Franz Placke
1994 Dustin Sellman
1994 Eric Semans
1994 Paul Seymour
1994 Chris Silver
1994 Adam Slusser
1994 Adam Smith
1994 Matt Smith
1994 Chris Wildasin
1995 Nicholas Bowers
1995 David Hahn
1995 Stephen Hahn
1995 Alex Harner
1995 Robert Hill
1995 Joseph Lutz
1995 Andrew Northup
1995 Cory Wasielzyk
1996 Adam McMaster
1996 Philip L. Slusser
1997 Ethan Koval
1997 Justin Kruger
1997 Erik A. Smith
1997 Jason Staub
1997 Brian Zinn
1998 Cameron Dell
1998 Michael Hoffacker
1998 Jared Johnston
1998 Brandon Kaminski
1998 Mark Slusser
1998 Richard C. Zinn
1999 Joshua McIntyre
1999 Alan Gobrecht
1999 Robbie O’Shea
1999 Aaron E. Smith
1999 Nathaniel O. Smith
2000 Lucas Slusser
2001 Michael J. Buckheit
2001 Cortlin Dell
2001 Ethan C. Grove
2001 Erick Von Sas
2003 Chaz L. Dubs
2003 Daniel J. Ernst
2003 Douglas Krout
2004 Jacob C. Grove
2004 David B. Zinn
2005 Nicholas Boddiford
2005 Mark Evich
2005 Clint A. Wright
2006 Brendan Boyer
2006 Nicholas Evich
2006 Nicolas A. Seymour
2006 Justin Smith
2006 Conor Toomey
2008 Dominic Dunn
2008 Christopher Schaefer
2008 Jarrod Stebick
2008 Spencer Trump

Parvuli Dei Emblem

The purpose of the Parvuli Dei (Children of God) emblem is to help young boys explore a wide range of activities in order to discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their families and parishes, and also to develop a good, positive self-image through the contributions they can make to the group or community.

Program Objectives
  • To help the Scout of his age develop an awareness of God’s love for each one of His special, unique created beings.
  • To help the Scout become aware and understand his identity as an important member of his family, his community, and as a member of the Family of God.
  • To continue to develop an awareness as members of the parish and the Body of Christ.
  • To aid the Scout in his awareness of the responsibilities that grow out of God’s love for us.

Registered 8 to 10 year old (Bear or Webelos) of Catholic Faith.

1975 Neil Brown
1975 Andy Crouse
1975 Jim Dehoff
1975 Neil Smith
1977 Jeff Huff
1977 Michael McCullough
1977 Robert Sellman
1977 Chris Spangler
1977 Robert Warner
1978 Brian Hockensmith
1978 Danny Hoke
1978 Eric Kenworthy
1978 Lawrence Markle
1978 Bradley Mitz
1978 Richard Newcomb
1978 David Rice
1979 Douglas Baker
1979 Michael Buckley
1979 Steven Hunleg
1979 Vincent Redding
1979 Robert Rice
1979 George Sauter III
1979 Joseph Sauter
1979 Jeffrey Smith
1979 Scott Thomassy
1979 Edgar Wetzel
1979 Alan Williquette
1980 Michael Becker
1980 Leon Little
1980 Stephen Miller
1980 Michael Reed
1980 Douglas Sanders
1980 Thomas Shoemaker
1980 Stephen Weaver
1981 Ben Becker
1981 Matthew Buckley
1981 Mark Dubs
1981 Scott Gyenes
1981 Kenny Hartlaub
1981 Michael Klunk
1981 Michael Lawrence
1981 Craig Rang
1981 Gary Sabel
1981 Travis Shearer
1981 Joel Smith
1982 Erik Bunty
1982 Stephen Elliot
1982 Thomas Elliot
1982 Jeff Ernst
1982 Bryant McCusker
1982 Tim Rang
1982 Mark Salois
1982 David E. Sanders
1982 Kenny Smith
1982 David Timmins
1982 Brett Weaver
1982 Bryan Wheeler
1983 Duane Brooks
1983 Steven Brown
1983 Jeffrey Dehoff
1983 Daniel Grove
1983 David Keating
1983 Matthew Keefer
1983 William Lambert
1983 Brent Panebaker
1983 Jesse Tomaz
1983 Chad Topper
1984 Jason Groft
1984 Jonathan Groft
1984 Brian Smith
1984 Scott Stair
1984 Michael Wetzel
1985 Jason Bittle
1985 Joseph Bunty
1985 Brian Ernst
1985 Bryan Meyer
1985 Bryan Noel
1986 William Ault
1986 Mark Brown
1986 Frank Conrad
1986 Kevin McCusker
1986 Vincent Pugliese
1986 Chris Schumacher
1986 John Smith
1987 Jason Carbaugh
1987 Donald Eck
1987 Ryan Muller
1987 Jared Voelkerding
1988 Jeremy Ault
1988 Joshua Boyer
1988 Ben Eltz
1988 Dan Keefer
1988 Sean Schumacher
1988 Shawn ?
1988 Joel Staub
1988 Mike Wise
1988 George Zimmerman
1989 Erik Benvin
1989 Adam Cole
1989 Scott Conrad
1989 Michael Etzler
1989 Erik Hemler
1989 Dustin Riggs
1989 Justin Staub
1989 Mark Wherley
1990 Brian Laughman
1990 Darren Smith
1990 Dwain Smith
1990 Matthew Smith
1991 Paul Arigo
1991 Jared Aumen
1991 Mitchell Cole
1991 Zachary Heilman
1991 Tommy Hockensmith
1991 Brian Small
1991 Justin Small
1991 Ulrich Smith
1991 Chris Stummer
1992 Ben Wildasin
1992 Jason Wright
1993 Hank Baugher
1993 Damien Camel
1993 Thomas Rose
1993 Adam Warner
1994 Roland Bohrer
1994 Sean Bollinger
1994 Chris Gilbert
1995 Matthew Lutz
1995 Ben Reichart
1996 Alex Harner
1996 Victor Konsavage
1996 Michael McCabe
1996 Eric Semans
1996 Matt Smith
1996 Benjamin Staub
1997 Matt Essick
1997 Nick Krichten
1997 Chip Rupp
1997 Adam Slusser
1997 Adam Smith
1998 Shane Smith
1999 Adam J. Grove
1999 Jaron M. Johnston
1999 Philip L. Slusser
1999 Erik A. Smith
2000 Cameron A. Dell
2000 Joshua J. Smith
2001 Nicolas R. Ames
2001 Devon J. Bennett
2001 Michael T. Hoffacker
2001 Ethan A. Koval
2001 Isaac McCarty
2001 Lucas J. Slusser
2001 Mark A. Slusser
2001 Aaron E. Smith
2001 Zachary A. Wentz
2001 Jeffrey T. Wheeler
2003 Matthew D. Aumen
2003 Gregory A. Crushong
2003 Daniel W. Derflinger
2003 Ryan A. Dubas
2003 Ethan C. Grove
2003 Shawn C. Little
2003 John A. Mulder
2003 David I. Walker
2003 Patrick J. Walker
2004 Ethan M. Willing
2004 Christopher J. Yealy
2005 Isaac Boyle
2005 Jacob Grove
2005 Nick Staub
2006 Mark Evich
2008 Nicholas Evich
2008 Brandon Hall
2008 Nicolas Seymour

Ad Altare Dei Emblem

The purpose of the Ad Altare Dei (to the altar of God) program is to help Catholic Boy Scouts of the Roman Rite develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith community. The program is organized in chapters based on the seven Sacraments. The seven Sacraments are a primary means toward spiritual growth.

  • Before work on the workbook begins, the approval form must be signed by the applicant, parent, counselor, Unit leader, and pastor.
  • A Boy Scout of Catholic faith.
  • The content is designed for 13 and 14 year olds.
  • Older Scouts may also work on the program.
  • Active member of the Troop for six months
  • Completed sixth grade before starting the program.
1978 Neil D. Brown
1978 Andrew W. Crouse
1979 Donald A. Bixler
1979 Joseph Bonner
1979 John A. Hoke
1979 James M. Huff
1979 Jeffrey J. Huff
1979 Bryan Kenworthy
1979 John Markle III
1979 Eugene Miller
1979 Michael A. Miller
1979 John Owens
1979 Stephen Owens
1979 Robert L. Zinn
1981 Christopher Ellwood
1981 Donny C. Hoke
1981 Michael P. McCullough
1981 Timothy J. O’Hara
1987 Duane E. Brooks
1987 Steven M. Brown
1987 Matthew E. Buckley
1987 David R. Keating, III
1987 William D. Lambert, III
1987 Andrew B. Lawrence
1987 Brent W. Panebaker
1990 Mark T. Brown
1990 Matthew J. Hicks
1993 Matthew J. Borkowski
1993 Joshua A. Boyer
1993 Benjamin P. Eltz
1993 Darren A. Smith
1995 Paul R. Arigo
1995 Jared T. Aumen
1995 Justin R. Koval
1995 Dwain M. Smith
1997 Michael P. Monaghan
1997 Joshua T. Staub
1998 Victor J. Konsavage
1998 Adam M. Slusser
2000 Joseph W. Bolger
2000 Thomas W. Borkowski
2000 Brent H. Grove
2000 Benjamin J. Staub
2000 Cory M. Wasielczyk
2001 Philip L. Slusser
2003 Ethan A. Koval
2003 David B. Seymour
2003 David Seymour
2003 Mark A. Slusser
2003 Aaron Smith
2003 Gregory Stevens
2003 Zachery Wentz
2004 Anthony Eltz
2004 Richard E. Heistand
2004 Nathaniel O. Smith
2005 John A. Mulder
2005 Gabriel J. Rosenbrien
2005 Lucas J. Slusser
2009 Joseph Ciribisi
2009 Cullen Rosenbrien
2009 James Rupp
2010 Mark Evich

Pope Pius XII Emblem

Pope Pius XII is Catholic Scouting’s church-related ministries and vocation program.

The program deals with different life choices (single, married, religious, ordained), occupations and ministries in the church as calls from God.

It includes youth led discussions on current issues facing the church and society, which are normally included as part of a Pius XII retreat or day of recollection

  • A registered youth member of the Boy Scouts of America of the Catholic faith.
  • Has started ninth grade.
  • Designed for age 15-16 year old, but all registered Venturers (male or female before their 21st birthday) and all registered Boy Scouts (in high school, before their 18th birthday) are eligible.
1983 Michael P. McCullough
1989 Duane E. Brooks
1989 Steven M. Brown
1989 Andrew B. Lawrence
1999 Paul R. Arigo
1999 Andrew J. Miller
1999 Joshua T. Staub
2001 Adam M. Slusser
2003 Adam J. Grove
2003 Adam Helfrick
2003 Philip L. Slusser
2004 Curtis D. Billig
2004 Erick A. Smith
2005 Mark A. Slusser
2005 Gregory H. Stevens
2008 Anthony Eltz
2008 John Mulder
2008 Gabriel J. Rosenbrien
2008 Lucas J. Slusser
2008 Nathaniel O. Smith

St. George Adult Recognition Award

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting®, acting through the local diocese or eparchy, may award the St. George emblem to members of the laity and clergy, Scouters and non-Scouters alike, who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting.

The recipients of the emblem are to be sought after and selected by an active committee of the (arch)diocese/eparchy. This committee is to be newly-appointed each year by the diocesan Scout chaplain or chairperson.

Nomination forms should give a detailed description of how the nominee provides outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting in the Catholic Church. It is improper to nominate oneself or one’s spouse.

General Scouting achievements do not qualify a person to receive the St. George emblem. The Boy Scouts of America has district, council, regional and national awards for such recognition.

  • Any adult who is working in the Scouting Program.
  • May be given to clergy, religious, laity, or Scouters of other faiths.
  • A Scouter does not earn the St. George emblem but is recommended by application to a board of review by another person.
1979 Richard E. Crouse
1981 George L. Hoke
1981 Russell H. Zimmerman
1990 Earl H. Hertz
1992 William A. Kline, Jr.
1992 Francis W. Sanders
1994 Loretta M. Sellman

National Catholic Quality Unit Award – Pope Paul VI

Cooperation, development, and program are the key words in the recognition of Catholic chartered units in earning the National Catholic Quality Unit Award – Pope Paul VI. The adult leadership responds to training not only in Scouting lores, but training in Catholic Scouter Development, and religious counseling. The Scouts in each Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew/Ship respond by participating in the religious emblems program respective of their status in Scouting.

1987 Troop 103
1988 Troop 103