Stone Wall Fish Farm Outing 4-22-2016

Fun Filled Fishing Extravaganza

Over a weekend in April, the Saint Joseph Boy Scout Troop 103 was afforded the opportunity to camp out and fish at Stonewall Fish Farm in Glenville, PA.   Along with his family, one of the boys in the Troop, Ryan Small, owns and operates the fish farm that is open to the public for fee fishing on Sundays.

The scouts were able to complete the fishing merit badge that included learning multiple fishing knots, the proper safety and first aid measures associated with the sport, fishing techniques, and the right equipment to use to be a successful fisherman for various types of fishing.  The Scouts successfully caught an array of fish to include rainbow trout, palomino trout, crappies, blue gill, catfish, and bass. Scouts learned to filet the fish that they caught.  They also learned to set traps for crayfish.  Later that evening, the boys engaged in a crayfish boil and large fish fry that was a first time experience for many and improved their cooking skills and accommodated everyone’s hungry appetites.

A Waterways Conservation Officer with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boating Commission visited the troop during the weekend events.  The officer gave an overview about his exciting and rewarding job and also an outline of the training and background that is needed for a career with the Pennsylvania Fishing and Boating Commission.

In the months ahead, the scouts of Troop 103 have plans to bicycle along the C&O Canal in West Virginia, participate in a week-long camping adventure in June at Puzzle Lake in Canada, and spend a week in July at the Rodney Scout Reservation along the northern shores of the Chesapeake Bay.