Leadership Position Application

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Current Rank:                                                                                                   

Current Position:                                Previous Positions:                                       

Attendance (6 months):                                                                                             (get from Troop Scribe records)

List your first three position choices

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For your first choice, use this space to tell why you want this job, how you would do the job, and why you are the best choice for this position.




Scout’s Agreement

I have read the job descriptions for these positions.  I understand the duties and responsibilities and if selected will carry them out to the best of my ability.

                                                    (signature)                                                                                (date)

Parent’s Support Agreement

I agree with the commitment my son is making.   I promise to support him in attending training, troop meetings, and troop activities as well as with encouragement at home.  I realize that once selected his presence is necessary for the smooth functioning of the troop.

                                                    (signature)                                                                                (date)