First Summer Camp Deposit of $100 is due! -1/24/2012

Blue Mtn Scout Reservation
The first summer camp deposit payment of $100 is due this month on January 24. The second deposit of $100 is due on March 27. The final payment is due on May 22. A special Summer Camp Parent Orientation meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 21. Parents and scouts attending summer camp are encouraged to attend this meeting. This is the first time our troop is attending the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation located in southern Virginia. It offers a broad range of opportunities to our scouts including special High Adventure camps. Last fall scouts choose to attend either the traditional Ottari base camp or one of the high adventure camps available (New River Adventure or the Mountain Man). Those scouts attending one of the high adventure camps will not have an opportunity to obtain merit badges at camp and should strongly consider attending the Harrisburg Merit Badge College held this month on 1/28 and 2/25 and should register immediately. Details for the merit badge college are found in the next section.