Easter Flower Sale — April 1-8, 2023

Scouts and Parents,

This year the Troop will be selling Flowers on April 1-2 at the Narthex located next to the church on Grandview Road.

The following Friday, April 7-8, the Troop will sell flowers at the Hanover Area Historical Society’s Myers Mansion located on 400 block of Baltimore Street.

 Sign-up Sheets

Check your email for detail schedule and signup sheets.

Please see the Sign-up sheet documents links below for the flower Sales on April 1-2 and Thursday April 6, Good Friday April 7 and Saturday April 8.  Each document link contains a sheet for Scouts and a separate sheet for Adults.   Please confirm your assignments by email or on Tuesday evening at the Scout Meeting.  We need to fill each time slot with three or more scouts.  Do not sign up for a time slot that already has three scouts covering that slot.  See the General Schedule and instructions below.   If you need to switch a spot then work that out with another parent/scout.

Unlike Sub Sales and Popcorn Sales where profits go directly to the Scout’s Fund Account, the Flower Sales is the only troop fundraiser held each year that supports Troop activities.  Proceeds from the flower sale help pay for things like  annual scout registration fees, troop equipment like tents, troop trailer, transportation reimbursements for troop outings, up-to $500 reimbursement for eligible scouts and adults that participate in a BSA High Adventure outing. 

General Schedule:

March 28 – Tuesday during Scout meeting – Foil Preparation

Parents are asked to help cut foil used to wrap flowers.   Bring a scissors and/or yard stick to cut the foil.   More details to follow.

April 1-2 Weekend (Palm Saturday/Sunday)

Table and Flower Setup on Saturday Morning – All scouts are asked to participate for Flower Setup and arrangements on Saturday April 1 at 8AM at the Church.

Flower Sale times at Masses – Additionally, to have coverage for sales, Scouts must sign-up for at least two (2) other slots for masses.   If masses already have two scouts participating then the scout should sign-up for a mass or clean-up that does not have two scouts assigned.   Parents are encouraged to assist the scouts.

April 4 – Tuesday during Scout meeting – Foil Preparation for Holy Thursday.

April 6-8 – Thursday evening and Friday

Table and Flower Setup – Again, All Scouts are requested to participate in the flower setup at the Hanover Area Historical Mansion on Baltimore Street on Thursday at 5:30PM.  We will begin by setting up tables followed by wrapping flowers.

Flower Sale times on Good Friday and Saturday – Scouts must sign up for two (2) slots on Friday and at least 1 slot on Saturday.   Parents are encouraged to join their son during those time slots.