Amazing Race Weekend at Caledonia State Park — May 2023

Amazing Race

Fri., May 12 – Sun., May 14: This has been moved up a week from the date on the troop calendar due to group campsite availability.

Each group will contain 2-3 scouts depending on how many scouts attend the outing
Station 1: The scouts will be blindfolded and given an oreo which is dipped is a random sauce
which they must then identify to move on. The scouts will choose a number based on how many
sauces we have to determine which sauce they get. The group must get three total correct to
move on
Station 2: Scouts will answer some scout trivia questions and must get 5 correct to move on.
Station 3: The scouts will have to navigate an obstacle course with cones, boxes, and rope to
crawl under, finally they must make three bean bags into the cornhole. Adam Dubs will provide
the materials.
Station 4: The scouts must tie a 2 half hitch knot, the square knot, and the tautline to move on
Station 5: The scouts will eat a bowl of applesauce with a popsicle stick while only using one
hand to get to the card at the bottom.
Station 6: The scouts will participate in an easter egg hunt and must find one to move on.
Station 7: The scouts must make a stretcher and carry someone for 50 ft while they are lying on
it. An adult may help carry if there are only 2 scouts in the group.
Station 8: The scouts must slingshot marshmallows into eachothers mouth. The first
marshmallow made in will allow the group to move on.
Station 9: The entire group must complete a series of workouts to move on: 5 push ups, 10
jumping jacks, and 5 sit ups.
Station 10: The scouts will fill a bucket with water using a cup.
Station 11: The scouts must complete my riddle to win.
The scouts will also do a 4 mile hike in the afternoon.