Members of Scout Troop 103 of Hanover, Pennsylvania thank, honor, mourn and remember all veterans who have served and died on Memorial Day. Scouts recognize the sacrifices made that insure the freedoms we enjoy for generations. The service given by veterans will never be forgotten. Scouts extend their prayers for family of those who served.

Troop 103’s very own Matthew Nawn represented Hanover High School on the BrainBusters quiz show that aired on WGAL Channel 8 this morning. The academic quiz show is presented by WellSpan Health and highlights the academic excellence of high school students throughout central Pennsylvania. This was not Matthew’s first appearance on the show with his fellow classmates as they made it to the shows Third Round.  Below are some photos of Matthew and his teammates.

Congratulations Matthew.

 The event for March has been cancelled.   We reevaluate this fundraiser again in April. 




Start selling subs now and save for Summer Camp and other weekend events.  

Subs and Sandwiches are made fresh by R&K Subs.

  • Please make checks payable to: St. Joseph Boy Scout Troop 103 or Cub Pack 103.
  • Order and Money Due Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2020
  • Distribution Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 (Pickup at the Troop or Pack meeting between 6:30PM and 8:00PM)


Use both forms below when selling.  One for Sandwiches and the other for Subs:

This is the first sub-sale of the season. Start selling subs now and save for Summer Camp and other weekend events.  

Subs and Sandwiches are made fresh by R&K Subs.

  • Please make checks payable to: St. Joseph Boy Scout Troop 103 or Pack 103.
  • Order and Money Due Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020
  • Distribution Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 (Pickup at the Troop or Pack meeting between 6:30PM and 8:00PM)


Use both forms below when selling.  One for Sandwiches and the other for Subs:

AJ Dubs was awarded Troop 103’s Scout of the year at a recent Troop ceremony. 

 The Scouts earn points throughout the year for participation in various activities, and payment of dues. With an emphasis on “Character Counts” by the National Office, this other element is used to determine the Scout of the Year.

Here are some facts about AJ’s participation and achievement in 2019

  • Attended the most and highest percentage of Troop Meetings 91%
  • Participated in
    • 8 Troop Outings or activities (All of them)
    • 2 District Events (all on the schedule)
    • Attended a Council Summer Camp
    • Attended the World Scout Jamboree
  • Earned 6 merit badges
  • Achieved 2 Rank Advancements
  • Participated in at least 3 Service activities this year

I am proud to announce that AJ Dubs is the 2019 winner of Troop 103’s Scout of the Year Award.

Both the Troop and Pack 103 will be participating in Scout Sunday of February 2, 2020 at the 9:00AM mass at St Joseph Church.  Father Morelli will be celebrating mass.   Please arrive 20 minutes early in full uniform and assemble in the Narthex.

Today we celebrate Super Scout Sunday.  St. Joseph’s Cub Pack and Boy Scout Troop have been proudly serving our parish, and community for 102 years.

Scouts pledge to timeless Oath and Laws.   Simple things like…

  • Doing your best,
  • Duty to God,
  • And Laws like being Trustworthy, Helpful, Courteous and being Reverent to name a few.

All of these values are consistent with our Christian value system.
Scouting provides youth with opportunities to participate in fun activities.
Cub Scouts include youth from K through 5th grade and are led by parents and leaders.
The Troop is for older scouts aged 11 through 17 and focuses on developing leadership skills. 

The older scouts plan monthly Outdoor Adventures like Sailing the Florida Keys, sleeping on aircraft carriers or submarines, aquatic activities at the beach, and learning and practicing wilderness survival skills.  We also participate in the week-long Summer Camp where boys can learn and experience independence and self-confidence.   

Scouting is about achievement and recognition through its carefully developed skills and advancement program.

Participation in Scouting is not an exclusive activity. 

Many of our scouts participate in other activities like Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball and Band activities.  Many of those same scouts have gone on to become Eagle Scouts.  The highest achievement any Scout can earn.  

In fact, the Troop has over 86 Eagle Scouts

Scouting means leadership, achievement, service, character.
If you have kids or grandkids between the ages 5 to 17 who are spending too much time indoors…
We welcome them to join our award winning Cub Pack or Scout Troop. 
There are no prerequisites except for the desire for fun and adventure

Please see any adult leader in the Narthex after this mass for more information about our program and the activities that we offer.

The Troop and Pack thanks our sponsor, “Saint Joseph Holy Name Society” and YOU the parish for the spiritual and financial support you have given us over the years.

Troop 103 has earned GOLD status for the “Scouting’s Journey to Excellence” Award.  The award is the BSA’s council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

The Troop has qualified for the Journey to Excellence Award each year since its inception and for many, many consecutive years prior with the Quality Unit Award that was replaced by the Journey to Excellence Award.

Troop 103 is proud of providing and offering an excellent Scouting Program that provides opportunities to our youth to experience the outdoors and grow both morally and physically into strong leaders of the future.   This scout led program is a partnership of both youth and adults.

In 2019, the Troop excelled in the following award objectives:

  1. Planning and Budgeting:  The scouts plan activities for the entire year at a planning outing each year.  These plans are reviewed at PLC meeting throughout the year.  Our planning calendar is published on our website. 
  2. Retention of scouts in the troop 100% according to Nation standards, but we did lose one scout in 2019.
  3. Webelos–to-scout transition: We had two Webelos cross-over into the Troop.
  4. Sort-Term Camping: The troop members participated in 9 overnight outings plus three other activities.
  5. Long-Term Camping Participation (62% participation rate). Up from the prior year.
  6. Advancement:  71% of our scouts advanced a rank this past year.  This is one area where we need improvement.
  7. Service Projects:  The Troop Participated in at least 6 Service projects that benefited the community or parish without any financial benefit to the Troop or scouts.
  8. Following the Patrol Method:  The troop has patrols, and each has a patrol leader.  Our Troop’s youth leadership includes a Senior Patrol Leader and his assistant, we have patrols that are led by a Patrol Leader.  The Troop also elects many other officers including the Scribe, Quartermaster, Librarian, etc..  The youth leadership (Patrol Leaders Council) meets each month.
  9. Leadership and Family Engagement:  In addition to the Scoutmaster, the troop has 3 Assistant Scoutmasters, 7 Committee Members, and at least 5 other registered and supporting adults.  The Troop held 3 Courts of Honor for scouts this past year.  We present the annual Troop Calendar to parents each year outlining the plans of the troop for the upcoming year. 
  10. Trained Adult Leaders: All adult leaders including all committee members are fully trained in their positions.  Two members of our leadership have also taken a week-long Wood-badge training.   Multiple members of the committee support the district in planning and executing district activities.