Scoutmaster Transition Announcement

The following announcement was made to the parish of St. Joseph on Sunday, 3/26/2006 during the 8:30 Mass following the presentations of religious awards to the scouts.

Recognition of our past Scoutmaster - Andy Groft

Andy Groft has been Troop 103's scoutmaster for 8 ½ years.

His unselfish dedication and commitment to the troop has been nothing less than outstanding.

During Andy's leadership, the troop has been very successful.
Unless you have seen Andy and his assistants in action, how do you measure success?

I believe we can measure it by briefly reflecting on our Mission and Vision.

Scouting is about the scout.

Andy and his assistants have prepared boys to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes they prepared them by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Under his direction he has provided extensive opportunities for scouts to participate in service based and adventurous outdoor activities.

A simple measurement of his success is this…..

At the national level, about 4% of all Boy Scouts reach the highest rank of Eagle. During Andy's career as Scoutmaster, the troop has produced 10 times this National average with over 14 Eagle Scouts.

This measurement is a true testimony to Andy's dedication to keep scouts interested and involved in a program that focuses on the boy to have fun while building his character, and turning that youth into a man.

All I can say is this…
This troop, those boys and this parish are glad you came our way.

Now, please join me in congratulating Andy Groft as I present him with this award appreciation for his

  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Outstanding and dedicated Service
  • And his unwavering commitment to the boys of Troop 103.