Awards and Recognition
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Unit Awards
Religious Emblems
Adult Recognition
Troop 103 - Scout of the Year Program
Scout of the Year Program

Each year, beginning in 1985, we began recognizing the top three Scouts in our Troop The Scouts earn points throughout the year for participation in various activities and payment of dues. With an emphasis on "Character Counts" by the National Office, it was decided, in 2003, to add another element to determine the Scout of the Year.

Recipients of the Scout of the Year Award
1985 - David E. Sanders
1986 - Steven M. Brown
1987 - Steven M. Brown
1988 - Steven M. Brown
1989 - Andrew B. Lawrence
1990 - Mark T. Brown
1991 - Mark T. Brown
1992 - Mark T. Brown
1993 - Alex W. Prior
1994 - Justin R. Koval
1995 - Brian C. Cessna
1996 - Michael J. Renoll
1997 - Michael P. Monaghan
1998 - Adam M. Slusser
1999 - Adam M. Slusser
2000 - Philip L. Slusser
2001 - Philip L. Slusser
2002 - Mark A. Slusser
2003 - Gregory H. Stevens
2004 - Lucas J. Slusser
2005 - John A. Mulder
2006 - Gregory H. Stevens
2007 - Gabriel Rosenbrien
2008 - Jacob C. Grove
2009 - Mark W. Evich
2010 - Mark W. Evich
2011 - Jonathan Timmons
2012 - Justin Henninger
2013 - Thomas Seymour
2014 - Justin Henninger
2015 - Brody Goulden
2016 - Justin Henninger
2017 - Matthew Nawn
2018 - Andrew Wetzel
2019 - AJ Dubs
2020 - Jackson Corbin and AJ Dubs
The Selection Process

After the last event for the year has been completed, a member of the Troop Committee will tally the points for each Scout. This data is gathered from two sources.

1) Records for dues, attendance and wearing of uniform are provided by the Troop Treasurer and Scribe.
2) The Troop Master application software is used to provide data for the remaining requirements.

A Troop Committee member will tally the points for all Scouts. The names of the top five Scouts are then presented to a three or more member sub-committee of the Troop Committee. The sub-committee will then decide which Scout of the top five best exemplifies true Scout-like Character and is worthy to be called the Scout of the Year for Troop 103.

Following evaluation by the sub-committee, a gold (1st) medal is awared to the top scout who best exemplify Scout-like Character.

The points awarded each activity are as follows:

Troop meeting attendance
Wearing uniform at Troop meetings
Timely payment of dues
Participation in Troop activities
Participation in District activities
Participation in Council activities
Participation in National activities
Earning a Merit Badge
Achieving Rank Advancement
Earning a Religious Emblem
Uniform Inspection
10 points per meeting
10 points per meeting
10 points per month
75 points per activity
150 points per activity
200 points per activity
250 points per activity
25 points per Badge
100 points per Rank
100 points per emblem
100 max points per year

Troop 103 - Eagles of Troop 103
The Eagle Award

A scout who achieves the rank of Eagle Scout has mastered requirements in the area of leadership, service and outdoor skills. Eagle Scout is a rare achievement at the national level where between 2 to 4 percent of all Boy Scouts achieve this rank. At Troop 103 the success rate of scouts achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is ten times greater than the national average. This is a reflection of the dedication and committment of the Troop leadership to the scouting program and the opportunities available to the scouts.
The BSA Eagle Scout Sheet

National Eagle Scout Association
Founded in 1972, the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) maintains contact with Eagle Scouts to sustain their interest in Scouting. Any Eagle Scout may join the association. Applications for membership in NESA are available through your local council, on the BSA Web page (, or by contacting the Eagle Scout Service at the national office.

Eagles of Troop 103
1 Francis W. Miller 1932
2 John J. Mohr 1940
3 John T. Murphy 1941
4 James A. Strazzella 9/24/1956
5 David A. Sterner 12/27/1961
6 John R. Gobel 12/28/1961
7 Stephen D. Laughman 5/7/1963
8 Stephen J. Keefer 1/12/1968
9 Robert M. Crook 10/31/1968
10 Terry J. Marchio 2/17/1969
11 Wayne D. Meckley 3/9/1970
12 Andrew E. Keefer 3/9/1970
13 Thomas E. Brenner 1/18/1971
14 Eugene M. Huff 1/18/1971
15 James Reagan 12/9/1971
16 Kenneth E. Zinn 2/14/1972
17 Andrew L. Hoke 12/11/1972
18 Andrew L. Topper 11/25/1974
19 John B. Zinn 11/25/1974
20 David A. Osisek 6/18/1975
21 David L. Zinn 9/30/1975
22 Gerald J. Huff 3/31/1976
23 Daniel E. Crouse 6/19/1976
24 Stephen A. Osisek 6/19/1976
25 Blaine C. Brown 9/26/1978
26 James M. Huff 1/10/1979
27 Robert L. Zinn 6/6/1979
28 John A. Hoke 8/12/1980
29 Neil D. Brown 9/26/1981
30 Jeffrey J. Huff 2/8/1984
31 Michael P. McCullough 4/2/1986
32 Andrew P. Arigo 10/19/1988
33 Steven M. Brown 11/7/1989
34 Duane E. Brooks 12/18/1990
35 Jon L. Groft 10/17/1991
36 Andrew B. Lawrence 10/17/1991
37 Mark T. Brown 9/21/1993
38 Joshua A. Boyer 11/15/1994
39 Andrew R. Sabaka 3/21/1995
40 Jason W. J. Waltz 3/28/1995
41 Justin R. Koval 1/28/1997
42 Matthew J. Borkowski 4/8/1997
43 Andrew J. Miller 4/24/1997
44 Darren A. Smith 9/21/1997
45 Alex W. Prior 8/8/1998
46 Paul R. Arigo 8/8/1998
47 Jared T. Aumen 1/16/1999
48 Joshua R. Groft 4/2/1999
49 Dwain M. Smith Jr. 4/21/1999
50 Michael P. Monaghan 11/18/1999
51 Joseph L. Pultro 2/17/2000
52 Adam M. Slusser 1/3/2001
53 Michael J. Renoll 1/13/2001
54 Victor J. Konsavage 6/18/2002
55 Jonathan D. Groft 4/8/2003
56 Christopher T. Renoll 6/24/2003
57 Philip L. Slusser 6/24/2003
58 Curtis D. Billig 9/20/2005
59 Cameron A. Dell 9/20/2005
60 Erik A. Smith 3/21/2006
61 Ethan A. Koval 5/16/2006
62 Mark A. Slusser 10/17/2006
63 John A. Mulder 10/17/2006
64 Greg H. Stevens 2/20/2007
65 Zachary A. Wentz 2/19/2008
66 Aaron E. Smith 2/19/2008
67 Nathaniel O. Smith 6/17/2008
68 Anthony P. Eltz 9/23/2008
69 Richard E. Heistand * 2/18/2009
70 Lucas J. Slusser 8/18/2009
71 Cortlin A. Dell 12/15/2009
72 Erick C. von Sas 1/19/2010
73 Gabriel J. Rosenbrien 6/15/2010
74 Alan C. Boyle 7/20/2010
75 Joseph P. Cirabisi 8/17/2010
76 Ethan C. Grove 5/10/2011
77 Cullen B. Rosenbrien 5/21/2013
78 David B. Zinn 9/17/2013
79 Jacob C. Grove 2/18/2014
80 Mark W. Evich 2/18/2014
81 Clint A. Wright 5/20/2014
82 Jonathan M. Timmons 5/17/2016
83 Nicholas A. Evich 9/20/2016
84 Thomas Seymour 11/14/2017
85 Justin T. Henninger 8/21/2018
86 Brody E. Goulden 12/18/2018
87 Matthew Nawn 2/16/2021

* Awarded by the Battlefield District while registered with Troop 103

Click Here to see photos of the mounting and dedication of the plaque at the St. Joseph Middle School
Other Famous Eagle Scouts

  • Rex Tillerson
    Secretary of State
  • William C. DeVries, M.D.
    Surgeon and Educator
    Transplanted first artificial heart
  • Thomas Foley
    Former Speaker of the House and Former United States Congressman, Washington
  • The Honorable Gerald R. Ford
    38th President of the United States
  • Neil Armstrong
    First Man to set foot on the moon
  • James A. Lovell Jr.
    Apollo Astronaut and Business Executive
    Mr. Lowell continues to be active in scouting as the Chairman of the Nation Eagle Scouts Association
  • Steven Spielberg
    Film Director and Producer
  • Mike Rowe - American television host
  • Henry Fonda - Actor

Scout of the Year Program

Click here for information about the Scout of the Year Program and the recipients of this distinguished award.

Troop 103 of Hanover Adult Awards
Click here to go to the Troop 103 home page.      Adult Recognition

50 Years of Service
Matthew J.Linkel2001Presented by Conewago District
Earl HertzEarned in 2014Presented by Troop 103 - June 16,2018
Richard E. CrouseEarned in 2017Presented by Troop 103 - June 16, 2018
Keneth E. ZinnEarned in 2017Presented by Troop 103 - June 16, 2018

Service to the Troop

Silver Beaver Award
Established in 1931, the Silver Beaver Award is presented for distinguished service to young people within a BSA local council. A recipient must be a registered adult member of the BSA. The awards are bestowed at appropriate local functions. Silver Beaver Awards are presented on the basis of the number of units in a council.

1988Richard E. Crouse
1987Loretta M. Sellman
1956Nicholas D. Murphy
1949Charles L. Weaver

District Award of Merit
The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level. The award is made available annually on the basis of 1 for each 25 traditional units or fraction thereof. The district need not present all the awards to which it is entitled each year.

1949Nicholas D. MurphyTroop 103 SM
1949Walter Blettner103 ?
1964Lawrence H. CumminsTroop 103
1965John H. Riley
1977Dr. Henry Hoffacker103 ?
1982William A. Klein, Jr.Troop 103
1983John MarkleTroop 103
1984Loretta M. SellmanPack 103 CM
1985Richard E. CrouseTroop 103
1988Matt LinkelTroop 103
1989Frank W. SandersTroop 103
1990Earl H. HertzTroop 103
1992Kenneth ZinnTroop 103
1993Richard P. ArigoTroop 103
1994Mary BohrerPack 103 CM
2001Steve BakerDistrict
2002Peter B. Slusser, Jr.Troop 103
2003Andrew J. GroftTroop 103 SM
2003John E. HelfrickTroop 103
2008Richard C. SlusserTroop 103
2015Jeff RosenzweigTroop 103
2018Robert L. ZinnTroop 103

District Service Award
The award is available to Scouters who render exemplary service at the district level.

1962Lawrence H. CumminsTroop 103
1965Charolette WolfePack 103
1966Mary Jane HenryPack 103
1969Nancy CrousePack 103
1970Germanus OrndorffPack 103
1972Mary Jane HenryPack 103
1977John Markle, Jr.Pack 103
1979Loretta M. SellmanPack 103
1979William A. Klein, Jr.District
1980Linda LivelsbergerPack 103
1980Russell H. ZimmermanTroop 103
1982Thomas O' HaraTroop 103
1985Frank W. SandersTroop 103
1986Rita ElliotPack 103
1988Steve A. SabakaPack 103
1989John HicksTroop 103
1991Dennis W. KellyTroop 103
1995John KrugerPack 103
1997Carl M. CessnaTroop 103
1997Gail KrugerPack 103
1997Peter B. Slusser, Jr.Pack 103
1998Anthony A. SmithPack 103
1998John Curt HooperTroop 118
1998John E. HelfrickPack 103
1998Thomas A. StaubPack 103
1999Charles A. GrovePack 103
1999John B. ZinnPack 103
2000David E. SmithPack 103
2001Andy J. GroftTroop 103
2001Pete MonaghanTroop 103
2008Jeffrey A. RosenzweigTroop 103
2008Robert L. ZinnTroop 103

St. George Adult Recognition Award
  • The National Catholic Committee on Scouting®, acting through the local diocese or eparchy, may award the St. George emblem to members of the laity and clergy, Scouters and non-Scouters alike, who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting.
  • The recipients of the emblem are to be sought after and selected by an active committee of the (arch)diocese/eparchy. This committee is to be newly-appointed each year by the diocesan Scout chaplain or chairperson.
  • Nomination forms should give a detailed description of how the nominee provides outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting in the Catholic Church. It is improper to nominate oneself or one's spouse.
  • General Scouting achievements do not qualify a person to receive the St. George emblem. The Boy Scouts of America has district, council, regional and national awards for such recognition.

1979Richard E. Crouse
1990Earl H. Hertz
1981George L. Hoke
1992William A. Kline, Jr.
1992Francis W. Sanders
1994Loretta M. Sellman
1981Russell H. Zimmerman

BSA Lifeguard
  • To recognize Boy Scouts and Venturers age 15 and older, and adult volunteers who have successfully completed the BSA Lifeguard course and demonstrated the ability to perform each of the skills taught in the course.

1978Robert L. Zinn

Memorial Mall at Camp Tuckahoe
The following individuals have been honored at the Camp Tuckahoe Memorial Mall

4/14/1935Louis Smith Jr.Scout - Second Class Rank
7/25/1959Robert C. MyersCouncil Executive Board
7/11/1964John L. RattiScout - Second Class Rank
7/13/1968Thomas B. MurphyScoutmaster
7/10/1971Lawrence H. CumminsCommittee Member
7/8/1983William E. Rhodes Jr.Committee Member
7/10/19876/16/1986David E. SandersScout - Star Rank
7/10/199212/26/1991Norbert G. NeidererCommittee Member
7/16/199311/20/1992Russell H. ZimmermanCommittee Member
7/8/19944/14/1994George L. Hoke Committee Member
7/11/199710/5/1996Jonathan L. GroftScout - Eagle Rank
7/11/19973/29/1997Laddie J. MarchioScouting Coordinator
7/12/20023/14/2002Henry J. SnyderCommittee Member
7/9/20048/27/2003Loretta M. SellmanCommittee Member
7/13/20072/13/2007Dennis W. KellyCommittee Member
7/8/201611/8/2015Robert (Toby) CrookScoutmaster