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Troop 103's Sponsor - The Holy Name Society of St. Joseph Parish
Charter Organization and Sponsor

Troop 103's chartered organization and sponsor is St. Joseph Church Holy Name Society.

The Holy Name Society has proudly served the parish since 1923. They have been the primary sponsor of our Scouting programs. Parish men, past and present, old and young, have devotedly worked to carry out the mission of the Society: to show that man, with all his imperfections, can still praise, serve, and love Jesus Christ; and can come to live in Him, witnessing to his good news, and making real His presence within the Christian community.

Holy Namers live on in the tradition of John Garbella, of Vercelli, Italy, who traveled on foot with staff in hand, preaching devotion to the liturgy and encouraging others to strongly profess their faith. Born around 1200, he was ordained a priest at the age of 29, and in 1264, was elected as sixth Master General of the Dominican Order. When, in 1974, Pope Gregory X commanded the Dominican Order to stimulate greater devotion to the Holy Names of God and of Jesus, (Blessed) John Garbella founded the Holy Name Society to carry out this mission. Beatified by Pope St. Pius X in 1903, prayer and good works may one day culminate in Blessed John's canonization.

In the 719 years since its founding, Holy Namers exemplify the Catholic faith by attending Sunday and Holy day liturgies, receiving the Eucharist as a body, promoting abstinence of blasphemous, profane, and indecent language, and actively serving God and the parish through public and private prayer, fellowship, and religious programs.

The Society remains a beacon of light in a world of uncertain direction and commitment towards a God who loves everyone unconditionally.